8mm & 16mm Film Conversion
Save Your Film Memories

See The Difference High Definition Makes!

We convert your 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm films using the best film scanner in western Canada, one of the newest and highest-end available anywhere in the world. We start by individually scanning each frame with 50% more resolution than regular 1080p High Definition and with 16 times more color information than a standard television can display. We use all this extra information to make sure you receive the highest quality.

Don't settle for low-end results from unprofessional companies or chain stores using sub-par equipment. See the difference the best equipment and more than three decades of experience makes.

Restored Better Than New

Over time, the colors of film can fade and shift. Film can be too washed out, or shot too dark. We offer restoration services to make your films look better than new. Our technicians work scene‑by‑scene to restore the colors and correct underexposed and overexposed sections of your film. Your films deserve to look better than the day they were shot.

Modern Formats

We can deliver your films in a variety of modern formats. Popular choices are High Definition .mp4 video files on USB,  Blu‑ray discs and DVD discs. See more information about formats below.

What We Do

  • We clean and repair your film
  • We scan each frame individually
  • We scan more than the entire frame to make sure nothing is missed
  • We use a safe & gentle claw-less & sprocket-less transport system
  • We transfer any magnetic or optical sound
  • We match the finished frame rate to the speed your film was originally shot at
  • We offer professional restoration to make your films look their best

What We Don't Do

  • We don't crop your film when scanning, losing important moments
  • We don't use modified projectors with mechanical claws that can damage your film
  • We don't scan your films at a lower resolution, and then blow it up and call it High Definition
  • We don't use a video camera to record your films, blurring the frames together ("telecine")
  • We don't transfer everything at one set speed, leaving your films running too fast or too slow

Pricing (Cad$)

  • Scanning of 8mm, Super 8mm & 16mm film:
  • $0.30 per foot for Standard Definition
    delivered as a DVD Disc or .mp4 File
    minimum charge $75
    $0.45 per foot for High Definition
    delivered as a Blu‑ray disc or .mp4 File
    minimum charge $100
    Learn More About Formats
  • Plus $10 cleaning and splicing charge for all orders

Extra Options Please add to above pricing

  • + $0.10 per foot for films with magnetic or optical sound
  • + $0.15 per foot for scene-by-scene restoration
  • + $20 per hour of running time to add instrumental background music

Services For Professionals

For professional clients we offer a full range of services.

  • Negative & reversal film scanning
  • Options up to 4k for 8mm and 16mm films
  • Wet-Gate scanning for optical scratch and damage correction
  • 8, 10 & 12 bit color-depth
  • Raw or corrected footage
  • Delivery formats of your choice, including ProRes, DNxHD, and uncompressed image sequences

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs


Archival Scene-by-Scene Restoration

Colors can fade and shift over time. Sometimes the original footage might be overexposed (too washed out) or underexposed (too dark). Our restoration and color correction can make your films look better than they did the day they were shot. Let our technicians undo decades of fading, color shifts and damage to show your films the way they were meant to be seen.

The first step in restoration is scanning each frame of your film with 50% more resolution and 16 times more color information than can be shown in the final product. We use all this extra information to restore your films to the best possible condition. Our experienced technicians work scene-by-scene to restore faded colors, remove color casts and shifts, brighten underexposed film, and restore shadows and detail to overexposed film. This lets us deliver the best final quality to you.

How To Know You’re Getting the Highest Quality

It can be hard to tell the difference between true professionals and services using obsolete or sub-par equipment. Basement operations and chain stores often use older mechanical transfer methods or even modified film projectors with claw mechanisms and sprockets that can damage fragile films. Cheap equipment that uses a video camera to record your films result in a washed out and blurry picture. Other low-quality businesses will sometimes advertise “High Definition” services, but scan at lower resolutions and simply stretch the final product.

We want to help you understand what goes into getting the best results.

It's All About Information

There are two parts in any digital image. First is the resolution, or how wide and tall it is. The second is the color-depth, which is how much color information is recorded.

The current standard in for consumer video is High Definition 1080p with 8-bit color. You'll see this used in Blu‑ray discs and other formats. The “1080” represents 1080 lines of resolution in the image. That’s the amount of information you want in the end product. But to get the highest quality end result you need to start with more information than you end up with.

Low quality equipment records exactly 1080 lines of information with nothing extra. In order to avoid showing the edges of your film they cut off the top, bottom and sides as part of the capture process. This can never be recovered. Very poor companies use equipment that is not even 1080p. They record at even lower quality and cut more, then stretch the image after. They might try and tell you that you can’t tell the difference, but don’t be fooled. You can never re-create quality that was never captured.

The same thing happens with color quality. After a film has been scanned, you can only lose information. Consumer televisions and computer screens display 8-bits of color depth. If a company uses only an 8-bit camera to scan your film then right from the start there is no extra quality to work with. That means that any adjustments made to fix the colors, brightness or other restoration is actually throwing away information.

Film Oversample
HD vs SD

You Can See Our Professional Difference

We have the best film scanner in Western Canada, one of the newest and highest-end available anywhere in the world. It handles your films gently with a claw-less and sprocket-less transport system. We can transfer shrunken or damaged films safely and smoothly while capturing maximum information.

We capture your films with a sensor that is 150% the size and quality of a standard 1080p image. This lets us provide you with your full image edge-to-edge with nothing cut out. Our equipment also captures your footage with 12-bit color information, which is 16 times more color information than televisions and monitors can show. That lets us make color corrections and other adjustments while still ending up with more information than we need to produce the best possible image.

This is called "oversampling", the process of capturing far more information than the final format requires in order to make sure that nothing is lost.

If you want the best High Definition end product, you need equipment that starts with higher quality than that. Anyone who does not have equipment that oversamples your films is not delivering the quality you deserve. If a service does not advertise professional equipment that oversamples your films they are not going to deliver professional quality.

Free Return Shipping in Canada

We Make it Easy

For customers outside the Edmonton area we provide free return shipping for all processed orders. Simply print our Order Form, package it with your material, and send it with the shipping service of your choice.

Orders are typically processed in 2 weeks or less. Can not be combined with any other special offers. Please contact us for details or with any questions you may have.

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Modern Formats For All Your Needs

With technology changing every year it's important that you receive your material in the formats that will serve you best. Please contact us with any questions about what's right for you. While the options below cover the vast majority of needs, we are happy to accommodate any format requests that you may have.

.mp4 Video File

MP4 File

Easy Viewing & Sharing

These standard digital video files are the best choice for watching on your computer, phone or tablet. They can be High Definition or Standard Definition, depending on your material. The small size makes them perfect for sharing on Facebook, YouTube and other online services.

Blu‑ray Disc

Blu Ray

High Definition Quality

Physical Blu‑ray discs make great presents and are the perfect way to share your memories in High Definition. They can be played in any Blu‑ray player or computer equipped with a Blu‑ray drive and the appropriate software.

Blu‑ray video has more than 10 times more information & quality than traditional DVD video.

DVD Disc


Universal Playback Capability

Physical DVD discs make great presents and can be played in any DVD player, Blu‑ray player or computer equipped with a DVD drive and the appropriate software.

However, DVD video is a finalized format and can not be easily converted to a digital file without a loss of quality. DVDs are also a Standard Definition format, and will not preserve the quality of High Definition material.

We serve clients from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan & the Territories as well as internationally. If you demand the highest quality, send us your memories today.